The Night Mug

Enjoy your heavenly cup of hot chocolate with our reusable ceramic mug.

Made in collaboration with Frank Green, this is the ultimate reusable cup experience. With a premium grade stainless-steel outer layer and inner ceramic layer, they keep beverages hot or cold for hours.

Choose from Cloud White or Deep Ocean Blue.

Backed by science
Only 23 calories & no added sugar
Over 30,000+ customers
Each pack contains 30 servings

Color: Cloud White
30 Day Money Back Guarantee *
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Your New Ritual For A Great Night's Sleep

Health meets happiness with our warming Night Drink. Create calmness, support immune health, and promote deep restorative sleep.

- End Your Sleep Struggles

Fall asleep faster and sleep through the night.

- Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Quiet your mind and calm your body.

- Boost Your Immunity

With essential vitamins and minerals.

- Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

End your day with a low calorie treat.

7 Proven Ingredients, 1 Powerful Formula

All natural and non-habit forming, the Night Drink is science backed and packed full of natural ingredients to provide you with a healthy and relaxing sleep experience.

30,000+ Happy Customers


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Your New Ritual For A Great Night's Sleep!

How To Prepare The Drink

1 - Prepare Your Cup

Mix a scoop of powder with hot water or milk to your taste preference.

2 - Enjoy Your Drink

Sip slowly, enjoying the rich chocolate flavour as you unwind from your day.

3 - Sleep Well

Make it a nightly ritual for a restful sleep. Allow the natural ingredients to ease you into a peaceful slumber.

The natural, pill-free way to BETTER SLEEP

Why thousands are switching to this chocolate drink to improve their sleep.

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