How L-Glycine Can Help You Snooze Quickly

Insomnia is a huge problem for millions of people (in fact it's 16 million in the UK) and it can be incredibly hard to find a good night's sleep.

Whether it's looming deadlines, family stress or personal struggles, there are a lot of reasons many of us struggle to wind down for the night. Luckily, there's a natural sleep aid that can make falling asleep a lot easier.

L-glycine is becoming a more and more popular supplement due to studies showing its ability to improve your sleep quality and relieve insomnia! Let's dive into how L-Glycine works its magic on your sleep.


The Chronic Consequences Of Chronic Insomnia On Your Health

The Powerful Benefits Of L-Glycine For Your Sleep & Health

How Do I Get L-Glycine?

Get All The Benefits Of L-Glycine With The Night Drink

The Chronic Consequences Of Chronic Insomnia On Your Health

We've all been there before - tossing and turning in bed, eager for sleep but feeling wide awake instead. While occasional sleepless nights are nothing to worry about, chronic insomnia can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Here are a few of the most common effects:

Weight Gain: When you're exhausted, your body craves energy, so you're more likely to reach for sugary or fatty foods. Furthermore, lack of sleep disrupts your body's ability to process glucose, which can lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Anxiety & Depression: It's not just your physical health that suffers when you don't get enough sleep. Insomnia can also lead to depression and anxiety. It's hard to feel happy when you're exhausted all the time, and lack of sleep can exacerbate existing mental health conditions.

Decreased Cognitive Function: Additionally, insomnia can make it difficult to concentrate and make decisions, which can majorly interfere with work or maintaining focus during conversations.

So if you're struggling to get quality sleep, don't just brush it off as a harmless annoyance. Your sleep can really make or break your health and wellbeing!

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The Powerful Benefits Of L-Glycine For Your Sleep & Health

L-Glycine is an amino acid that is used by the body to create proteins. It's starting to become a popular supplement because of its anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing effects as well as its ability to support the body's production of collagen.

But what about its effect on our sleep? Here are its main benefits:

  1. Helps to regulate mood and reduce stress. It also helps to reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation.
  2. Improves the quality of sleep while providing relief for sleep apnea and insomnia by restoring healthy sleep patterns.
  3. L-Glycine has anti-inflammatory properties which can help support healing and recovery from illnesses or injuries, as well as provide relief from pain and swelling.
  4. It may help lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health by encouraging healthy cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Can improve digestion and nutrient absorption by reducing inflammation in the gut, which can result in improved overall digestive health.
  6. The amino acid can also boost the immune system by helping to create new white blood cells to fight off infections more effectively.

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How Do I Get L-Glycine?

L-Glycine is present in many high-protein foods such as meat, legumes and dairy.

However, an easier and more delicious way to get L-Glycine is The Night Drink! 

The only hot chocolate to contain 3000mg of L-Glycine, The Night Drink is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation before bed.

Not to mention its rich, chocolatey flavour serves as a delicious nightcap!

Get All The Benefits Of L-Glycine With The Night Drink

L-glycine helps to improve sleep quality, digestion, relaxation and much more, so it's time to make sure you're getting enough of it!

With just one serving of the Night Drink, you can increase your intake of L-Glycine and support your health, while enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate!

Plus, all of that is achievable by just taking a few capsules per day with each meal or before bedtime.